Louisville, Kentucky

The sun was shining and the air was warm as we took off for our short four hour drive to our destination that day. 

Once we arrived we were welcomed by my sister Jessica and her beautiful smile.

My absolute favorite place we explored was the 21c Museum Hotel, take a look! 


Kansas City, Kansas & Missouri

When we first arrived we were starving! We stumbled across Zoes Kitchen and the food was delicious and fresh. Yum!

Did you know? The only other place that has more fountains than Kansas City is Rome!

I always joke that I travel the world one museum at a time. I never would have thought that Kansas City would be one of my favorite places I explore in 2015. The Nelson-Atkins Museum was magical for me, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen's Shuttlecock sculptures have been on my bucket list forever and I had only experienced them in books until April, 2015. You can find art and inspiration in ordinary objects all around you everyday. That is why I am in love with Oldenburg and Vanbrugens work, something as simple as a shuttlecock can bring awe and attraction to people and their environment. 

We ended our trip with a group dinner at the scrumptious restaurant Chuy's. There is one in my hometown now too :)

This place has the most funky decor, I love it!

Saint Louis, MO

I was naive on this venture and simply thought it was amazing architecture. I had no idea you could ride up the beautiful curve.

So, we went up! We rose 630ft up in a weird sitting capsule, Willy Wonka kind of elevator. I'll be honest- I was terrified!

Houston, Texas

We woke up early on this rainy morning to catch our flight, Jay's first flight I might add!

He was really happy, before take off!

Then we experienced the beauty of being in the air and the fright of turbulence. Jay is now very focused!

We made it! Again, we were starved when we arrived so we had a group lunch at this kick-butt place in the airport. Yum!

Of course I had to see the MFAH, Museum of Fine Art, Houston. 

I stood in a room full of Picasso paintings. It was magical!

We experience the sombre Holocaust Museum Houston dedicated to the survivors. Learning their personal stories and gaining some perspective.

We stayed in a super cool artist loft right down the road from my absolute favorite cafe, Tout Suite! It was so fresh with a homemade feelings, they even make their own ketchup!

Did I mention they have the most amazing selection of fresh made macaroons? Well, they do! Yum!

I loved experiencing Texas, but it was HOT in July! We visited the man made Gerald D. Hines 50ft Waterwall Park to cool down, it was a refreshing sight to see!

I made a cute recap video of our trip, click play if you would like to see more! There may be bats, lots and lots of bats!

Baltimore, Maryland

We started our seven hour journey on a dark foggy morning.

We had the cutest three story Airbnb with a red door.

There was a sign hanging on the bottom of the spiral staircase to keep us off the rooftop, but since when did I start following the rules? It was a beautiful view!

The Inner Harbor is full of charm.

Talk about delicious! The Best of Luck was one of my favorite places at the Inner Harbor. I taste tested almost every flavor of their ice-cream before I could make up my mind. I went with their Honey Graham ice-cream, which was AMAZING! I got it twice while I was visiting.

The city of Baltimore has a ton of character.

We enjoyed a super fun Halloween party, as CHRISTMAS!

I also got dolled up for dinner and a life changing event to hear Robert Kiyosaki speak.

Washington DC

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History was a great place to explore right off the bat. This was the second time I came to visit Washington, DC, but the first time I was in eight grade and honestly, probably wasn't too focused or didn't really appreciate what I was surround by.

Nothing like some photo fun!

Where change can happen.

Constitution Gardens. A beautiful environment that symbolize freedom and to me peace.

On October 19th, 2015 Jay and I got engaged!

Goodbye 2015, it has been fun!


Audrey Ski