Nelson-Atkins Museum

Why wait?
I never thought I would be the person to go explore the world. I continued to make the excuses most of us use to hold back our dreams- time, money, fear, etc. Until, I started to surround myself with people that encouraged me to dream. You are the average of the five individuals you spend the most time with. So, if you don't like the energy in your life, there is a place to start!

Kansas City, a wonderful time filled with fresh food, fun fountains, but best of all the Nelson-Atkins Museum. Five of us packed into our sexy rented mini van and hit the road from a small suburb in Westerville, Ohio. Great conversation interrupted by quick tiger snoozing and the silence of snacking on delicious junk food, that we all allow ourselves to have on vacation. Finally, ten hours later we arrived to our adorable cottage, freshened up, and left to go explore what Kansas City could offer us. 

There was so much of Kansas City that surprised us all. I had my sights set on the Nelson-Atkins Museum to see Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen's Shuttlecock sculptures. One of my favorite bodies of work I thought I would only explore through text books. I was not expecting the museum itself to be grand, but I was I in awe!

There is a beautiful collection ranging from contemporary all the way back to 325 B.C, with just about everything in-between. I encourage everyone to take a fun filled road trip to this breath taking structure filled with the archives of our creatives past and the inspiration of those to come.

Enjoy a small collection of my experience.


Audrey Ski