I can not stand silence. I think that is why I talk so much!
The energy I get from sound really helps move my spirit and overall vibe. Especially when I find myself in a creative rut. I think it is really easy to get stuck in a creative block when you are constantly driven to create. When that happens I like to just sit for a moment and turn on some music. However, I'll be honest, I was never really in to discovering music. I knew what I did and did not like, but the radio was the extant of that. Now, I have been discovering what I am inspired by and what I truly relate too. I really like the Google Play Music app or web page to discover effortlessly while I am working on something or just cleaning the house. The Blogged 50 station tends to be my favorite. 

The next time you are in a creative rut shut your mind off for a moment and start listening to these 10 songs I have down below. Once you feel calm and out of your head a bit try to get back to whatever you were doing. Sometimes we just get in our heads and think to much!

Audrey Ski