Let's Do This!
Once a client is locked into my calendar I start by giving them a couple of days to complete their client preparation. The client preparation includes a simple questionnaire and an inspiration task. Once complete, the client and I will set up a meeting to go over the questionnaire together as well as answer any last minute questions.  

Unfortunately I am no mind reader. However, if I had a superpower I think that would be it!
The client preparation includes an inspiration task, Pinterest. As a designer it is my job to create a tangible vision that may represent a personality, style or even imagination. Apart of the client preparation is for them to create a Pinterest board full of imagery that inspires the client to help me better understand what represent the vision they themselves are imagining. Don't worry- if you are not a Pinterest junkie like me, I have a back up plan!

 Audrey Ski Creative Pinterest Board

Audrey Ski Creative Pinterest Board

Totally Magical.
I get sooo excited to see what the clients Pinterest Boards turn into! This is my version of mind reading. 

The next step in my creative process is to create a refined inspiration board that starts to narrow down the look and feel of the clients brand.
I send this to the client in the early afternoon, so the client has plenty of time to review. I provide the client with 1 round revisions at this phase of the project.

 Audrey Ski Inspiration Board

Audrey Ski Inspiration Board

DAY 2-4
Once a visual vibe has been drafted I open my sketch book and get doodling!  I do not have a formula for how I start developing the perfect logo. However, I do think of a couple key characteristic every impactful logo contains- Simplicity, Relevance, Tradition, Distinction, and Scalability. I provide the client with 2 rounds revisions at this phase of the project.

DAY 4 + 5
The logo is a very important part of your brand recognition, but consistency across the board is key. You also have to set standards for fonts, colors, patterns, texture, photos, and other brand elements. This is extremely helpful when you have more than one person working on building or maintaining brand products and offerings. I provide the client with 1 round revisions at this phase of the project.

After becoming your visual mind reader for a couple of days it is now time to organize all of this awesomeness! I will create a brand style guide for you and future creatives to use as reference to familiarize themselves with your brand. It will compile the logo variations, fonts, colors, patterns, illustrative elements, photos, etc. all into one kick butt document. I provide the client with 1 round revisions at this phase of the project.

DAY 7- 9
If the client has decided to pick a brand package that includes any brand collateral pieces this is the time the brand really starts to come to life and get implemented into some tangible elements. I have the clients provide all of the information like copy and photos upfront to make this a smooth and fast process. I want each brand package to offer the most visual value. I provide the client with 2 rounds revisions at this phase of the project.

Audrey Ski Business Card Back

Audrey Ski Business Card Front

DAY 10
A bitter-sweet day. It is always  fun to stretch your creative muscles and work on new projects, but eventually it is time to take a rest and pass on your work. The final day I will upload all of the clients files on to a private server for them to use and share. I will set up a sit down meeting, phone call, or e-mail session to go over everything from the brand package they chose and answer any last minute questions.

It doesn't stop there! I will also feature the new brand on my blog and in my portfolio. I love to share my visual workouts with my audience and driving new traffic over to my clients.

Audrey Ski