Sanding Away..

After creating the body casts I realized the plaster cloth makes the forms look very rough and rigid with all the layers of cloth. So I started to coat the casts with plaster putty which is helping to make the forms more solid and then I am able to sand them till they are smooth. I also was not a fan of the odd shape of the edges so I trimmed all of the cast to have cleaner and more organic forms.

What is next?
After the  cast are all plastered with putty and sanded to perfection I am going to paint them in various colors / one shade of egg shell or off white colors. Then I need to nail down the puzzle piece placements then cast those shapes.

Greek Yogurt or Sour cream?

Greek Yogurt, EWWWWWW! 

When most people talk about greek yogurt they either really love it or completely hate it. Now, all yogurt is a fantastic source of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc, B6 and B12. However, greek yogurt is thicker and creamier because the liquid is strained out of it. Therefore, it can contain probiotic cultures, contain less lactose and has twice the protein!

How to use greek yogurt to solve your everyday discomforts:

• Great for weight control because it keeps you feeling fuller longer!

I have personally tried every brand at my local Kroger and my favorite is FAGE (pronounced Fa-Yeh) The best is the HONEY, Just saying!

Testing out my research!

If you have not read my post about my own personal discomforts let me fill you in. I suffer from sever chronic joint pain and used to dabble in culinary medicine to heal / treat my pain. Unfortunately, the "art school life" has really rattled my routine. So I am going to use the help from Advocare and do their 10 day cleanse. I have been drinking 3 liters of water everyday to help ridding my body of some toxins until I start. Recently I relapsed on my pollotarian diet (a vegetarian that still eats chicken) when I order a roast beef dip sandwich at dinner. It had been so long since I ate red meat I forgot how bad it make my body inflame and cause severe joint discomfort. I had horrible cravings for it for about a month, I couldn't help myself! I'll keep you updated on the cleanse!

Oh, I have also developed a pretty rough coffee addiction! So I am going to get their Spark Energy Drink for substitutions! They are really good and full nutrients and amino acids! You should try it. I might share!

Body Casting

I want to get started on the visual process... I have toyed around with multiple ideas but I think overall I have landed in the direction of body casting / body painting. I have really been inspired by body language... Obviously how you feel (what you eat) plays a large role in your every day appearance and personal body language. Since I am trying to connect the body to culinary medicine rather than trying to show the internal workings of the body or food I want to bring a visual representation of what is happening to the external based off of feeling.

I would like to create both digital and traditional pieces that go hand in hand. So the viewers can have a take away more specifically on the food portion than the visual.

What's Next?
• I am going to test this casting theory to see if I like how it look in person.
• Continue researching of course, I think that will be a never ending process!
• I am going on a cleanse! I am going to reset my body and then try to eat only the food for certain discomforts- I personally have a lot of joint discomfort so I think I might start there!


Grid System?

While I continue to plug along at my thesis I know the research is going to be an on going battle for the next couple of weeks so I want to start conceptualizing for the visual portion of this thesis.
Gerhard Richter has amazing grid paintings and the system / process behind the paintings has visual captured what I have been trying to explain. I am so glad I stumbled across his work!


I love the delicate vs. harsh line work in Mondrian's piece too!

 Piet Mondrian’s Composition No. II; Composition in Line and Colour (1913)

Piet Mondrian’s Composition No. II; Composition in Line and Colour (1913)

I am imagining the show to have a little more of a fine art feel and set up. I want to have 5 body cast pairs. Creating stand and backdrops that help express a certain family of foods. With the body cast on top the front of each cast will use the same color schemes as base / background but creating more of and motion / feeling. The inside of each cast shell will have a more gridded out color system to indicate the intricate internal workings of the body and to show you visual what areas are effect by certain foods (using colors)...


Now what? 
• I need to contact my mentor Melissa Manila to go over research.
• Finish compiling research in a n organized manor
• Write complete thesis statement
• Test body casting with plaster strips
• Continue to develop other visual elements
• Create a studio space... Sorry Dad!

Take a look at this some what scary deadline chart below!


Healing 10 discomforts with food...

If you are just now discovering my senior thesis project let me give you the gist of it. I am trying to create a visual food color system that helps to heal everyday discomforts with food. I have chosen 10 discomforts I will focus on, as of now.


1- Head Aches
2- Joint Discomfort/ Arthritis
3- Acne/ Beauty Concerns
4- Anxiety 
5- Weight-loss
6- Stress
7- Depression
8- Allergies
9- Digestive problems (bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc)
10- Female "Monthly" issues (Need a better name)
Some of the causes for these discomforts may overlap so my list may begin to narrow. 

What Im up too now- The first discomfort I began to research is Headaches. I feel like this is one of the most common discomforts and can be a chronic problem for most people. I want to get to the root of the problem to create an anatomical visual to show people what is going on our bodies and then connect that to different foods that can heal the pain / cause of the headaches.



I have been discussing my topic with Melissa Manila, a graduate from OSU with a degree in human nutrition. She has agreed to help mentor me through our my thesis journey.

         "Culinary medicine is fascinating and I really think it is going to be something that is growing in the next few years because Americans need to focus on changing diets to avoid nasty diseases and health issues"

Her knowledge on current books, blogs, articles, and professionals is really guiding my research in the right direction.

A quick message to help you better understand what my thesis is all about. My elevator pitch #1!

Visual Food Color System

As you now know I am focusing on Culinary Medicine for my senior thesis project. There are so many avenues I could take with this topic, but I want to focus healing everyday discomforts. For example: acne, joint discomfort, anxiety, weight loss, headaches, arthritis, depression, allergies, ADHD, digestive problems (bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc), heartburn, colds, cramps, and more. These are all everyday discomforts most people mask with over-the-counter medication like Ibuprofen, Advil, Midol, Pepto, Benadryl etc. 

 Source: Wake Med Voices

Source: Wake Med Voices

I want to create a visual color system that links food with the body. There are so many ways we can heal / improve daily discomforts with what we ingest, so I want to make the connection visually easy to see. I previously posted about "eating the rainbow" which is a basic way to get people to eat more variety. (Hoping they don't pick up a bag a skittles but actually eat fruits and vegetables) I want to create a more complex color system that connects food, discomforts, and internal structures. 

Something really interesting I have come across is Chinese Face Mapping. Below you will see images that help describe what face mapping is. One of the "discomfort" I am going to be focusing is on skin/acne.

 Chinese Face Mapping. Source: The Love Vitamin.

Chinese Face Mapping. Source: The Love Vitamin.

Where its going- I have been chatting with some people that can potentially mentor me on this journey, so I hope to lock down some good resources. Find concrete and reliable research while I narrow down the daily discomforts I want to focus on. I would like to narrow it down to at least 10. After that, I would like to create a timeline for my entire project so I can stay on top of deadlines. The first thing I need to do is develop my color system well mapped out with my research content before I begin to develop anything digitally. Get Ready, Get Set, Research!