Culinary Medicine

Well, its time for my senior thesis project and I have finally picked a topic! Culinary Medicine. Whats that!? Well, follow my blog for the next couple of months to find out.

There are many factors when you try to heal your body with food. BUT the old saying "you are what you eat" is so true! Here is a little bit of food wisdom, eat the rainbow in every meal for the best balance diet. You would be surprised how quickly you can see results when adding certain "colors" in your diet! 


Where I am- I am currently in the process of finding my "sweet spot" for my thesis project. There are many avenues I could taking the topic of Culinary Medicine, so I have been doing my research. I have starting open discussion with fellow peers, reading (a ton!) and contacting new and old professionals in the nutrition world.

Where its going- I hope to have a final "sweet spot" for my thesis by the end of the week. I am hesitant to put together a thesis statement until I narrow down my area of interest. (Personal diets, living better, being apart of nature, color, side effect, what certain foods do, guide, etc) Once I find my "sweet spot" I will contact professionals to mentor me on this journey.