Grid System?

While I continue to plug along at my thesis I know the research is going to be an on going battle for the next couple of weeks so I want to start conceptualizing for the visual portion of this thesis.
Gerhard Richter has amazing grid paintings and the system / process behind the paintings has visual captured what I have been trying to explain. I am so glad I stumbled across his work!


I love the delicate vs. harsh line work in Mondrian's piece too!

 Piet Mondrian’s Composition No. II; Composition in Line and Colour (1913)

Piet Mondrian’s Composition No. II; Composition in Line and Colour (1913)

I am imagining the show to have a little more of a fine art feel and set up. I want to have 5 body cast pairs. Creating stand and backdrops that help express a certain family of foods. With the body cast on top the front of each cast will use the same color schemes as base / background but creating more of and motion / feeling. The inside of each cast shell will have a more gridded out color system to indicate the intricate internal workings of the body and to show you visual what areas are effect by certain foods (using colors)...


Now what? 
• I need to contact my mentor Melissa Manila to go over research.
• Finish compiling research in a n organized manor
• Write complete thesis statement
• Test body casting with plaster strips
• Continue to develop other visual elements
• Create a studio space... Sorry Dad!

Take a look at this some what scary deadline chart below!