Testing out my research!

If you have not read my post about my own personal discomforts let me fill you in. I suffer from sever chronic joint pain and used to dabble in culinary medicine to heal / treat my pain. Unfortunately, the "art school life" has really rattled my routine. So I am going to use the help from Advocare and do their 10 day cleanse. I have been drinking 3 liters of water everyday to help ridding my body of some toxins until I start. Recently I relapsed on my pollotarian diet (a vegetarian that still eats chicken) when I order a roast beef dip sandwich at dinner. It had been so long since I ate red meat I forgot how bad it make my body inflame and cause severe joint discomfort. I had horrible cravings for it for about a month, I couldn't help myself! I'll keep you updated on the cleanse!

Oh, I have also developed a pretty rough coffee addiction! So I am going to get their Spark Energy Drink for substitutions! They are really good and full nutrients and amino acids! You should try it. I might share!