Body Casting

I want to get started on the visual process... I have toyed around with multiple ideas but I think overall I have landed in the direction of body casting / body painting. I have really been inspired by body language... Obviously how you feel (what you eat) plays a large role in your every day appearance and personal body language. Since I am trying to connect the body to culinary medicine rather than trying to show the internal workings of the body or food I want to bring a visual representation of what is happening to the external based off of feeling.

I would like to create both digital and traditional pieces that go hand in hand. So the viewers can have a take away more specifically on the food portion than the visual.

What's Next?
• I am going to test this casting theory to see if I like how it look in person.
• Continue researching of course, I think that will be a never ending process!
• I am going on a cleanse! I am going to reset my body and then try to eat only the food for certain discomforts- I personally have a lot of joint discomfort so I think I might start there!